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Who We Are

Goldstar Dry Offset Pvt. Ltd. is a unit of Goldstar Industries. Our Machines are highly productive and efficient in ultra-modern dry offset conical or cylindrical printing, delivering a printing quality comparable with other high end technologies. Apart from the high end quality printing capabilities our machines also have exceptional capability of relatively lesser energy consumption which in turn saves operational costs. Thus our machines prove to be the best option for value of money both at capital investments and at overheads level.

Our exclusive Range of Ultra-Modern Dry Offset Printing includes both fully automatic and semi automatic Offset Printing Machines available from the option of two to six colours that are proficient in printing on METAL, P.P. & HIPS thermoforming containers and injection moulded containers with high end quality.

Our Values

Incorporating the Innovative Technologies have resulted great benefits for our customers. Implementing new technologies, machine building methods or new organizational structures must have a measurable effect on Goldstar’s core values quality, robustness and reliability.

Quality, robustness and reliability lead to:

  • Satisfied customers from customers.
  • Long machine lifetimes.
  • High machines up-times.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High efficiency.
  • Fulfilled promises.

Goldstar Dry Offset Pvt. Ltd. have existence in the global market and have supplied dry offset printing machines in various countries around the world in almost all continents. (Middle East, West Africa, and South American Market). Our customer database consists of a large variety of companies from small starters on the plastic printing market up to companies with a billion plus output per month. With the constant improvements in our quality and standards we have been able to sell one machine recently in the rigid and quality conscious European continent as well.

We have supplied multiple machines overseas in countries like Syria, South Africa(Durban), Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Austria, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Congo, Greece, UAE(Sharjah) etc.,

Global Presence

We provide customized solutions for companies around the world.

Goldstar participates in the global market and have supplied Printing Machineries in numerous countries around the world. Goldstar Dry Offset Pvt. Ltd. provides total service commitment to our customer and have quality products at economical price.

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