Fully Automatic HTLSuitable for Cylinderical & Conical Containers
Machine Video
  • 4 station Indexer with bake motor for positively stop at printing position.
  • Machine fully equipped with PLC based system with HMI interface.
  • Auto with online orientation of container.
  • Auto loading and unloading of container.
  • Vertical Foil movement for positively & foil accurate movement of foil toward gravitational direction.
  • Individual Variable frequency drive for Silicon Roller which helps to control speed of Silícon Roller according to foil.
  • Special provision are made to avoid damage of silicon roller incase of power failure.
  • Individual motor provided for orientation spinning device.
  • To-fro, angular, lateral movement provision provided on indexing head which help to accommodate wide range of container.
  • Taper adjustment up to 6 degree included angle.
  • Specifications
    Unit Value
    Min. & Max Dia. 110mm x 350mm
    Min. & Max. Height 120mm x 400mm
    Mode of container feeding Automatic
    Container Cylindrical and conical container
    Max. Taper container Taper 6 degrees
    Electrical requirements 6 KW
    Air Utilities required Compressed air 8 bar
    Machine speed 800/ per hour for 4 ltr. container
    250/ per hour for 20 ltr. container