SD UV604
SD UV604

This machine is widely applicable to high-precision pictures & words printing on the container surface in cosmetic, medicine, food, electric appliance, toy, cabinet and many other fields. It can meet all the demand of Arc surface printing, such as cylindrical, elliptic cylindrical and other heterotypic containers and the machine is compatible for plastic, glass and metal materials. The electric control system consists of PLC and advanced touch screen as to intelligent operation for the whole machine. The new transmission system consisted of advanced imported motor, speed converter device and pneumatic component which has the function of electrode less variable-speed, synchronous transmission, auto allocation and no-work piece-no-printing

Machine Video
  • Automatic loading conveyor system.
  • Auto flame treatment for bottle surface.
  • Electrode less variable-speed motor system.
  • Adjustable mechanical synchronous transfer system.
  • Auto pre-allocation system.
  • No bottle no printing.
  • UV Drying system.
  • Specifications
    Unit Value
    Round Printing Diameter 20mm x 100mm
    Round Printing Height 20mm x 280mm
    Oval Printing Diameter R40mm x R180mm
    Oval Printing Height 20mm x 280mm
    Max. Printing Speed 3600PCS/Hour
    Power Supply (Single Station) AC380V 3Phase 50Hz
    Rated Power (Single Station) 7.5KW
    Air Pressure 6-8 Bar
    Dimension (One Colour) (mm) L 2000 x W 1200 x H 1750
    Weight (Single Station) 1000 Kgs