Classy Pail Printer

The Classy Pail Printing Machine is a highly advanced printing solution that guarantees high printing accuracy. This Six color dry offset pail printing machine includes features like Auto Loading, Flame treatment with auto ignition, 360 degree printing with precise registration & automatic orientation, Instantaneous UV drying, Auto ejection with exit conveyor, Lower ink consumption, Less floor space, and is suitable for conical & cylindrical container (Wide Mouth). The machine is equipped with an AC motor with variable AC frequency inverter for variable speed, acceleration, and deceleration control, Anti-Backlash plate cylinder helical gear, and Micrometer lateral and radial plate cylinder adjustment. The Complete vacuum system with a pump holds each container on mandrels at the necessary position, and Positive timing throughout the machine ensures that each container is printed accurately. This Classy pail printer can printing about 800 impression per hour with a suitability to print from 1 litre pail to 20 litres of pail.
The Addon Features of the Classy Pail Printing Machine include Offline Registration, which allows for accurate printing registration even the machine is in running condition. The machine also features a PLC Based Ink Transfer System that ensures precise ink transfer and reduces the risk of ink wastage. The Maintenance-Free Ink Distribution System eliminates the need for regular maintenance, making the machine easy to use and maintain. Additionally, the Multi-Speed Gearbox with Neutral Position provides increased flexibility and control over the printing process, allowing users to adjust the speed and position of the machine as needed.

Machine Video
Unit Value
Min. & Max Dia. 110mm x 350mm
Min. & Max. Height 120mm x 400mm
Max Print Area 900mm (L) x 275mm (H)
Electric Motor Drive Ac Gear motor 7.5 HP, 3 Phase, 50Hzs. with inverter for fine speed control
Pneumatic Pressure @8-10 kg/cm2
Air Consumption @12m3/hr
Total Power Consumption 14 kilowatts
Max. Impression @ 700-800/hr (20 Ltr Bucket)
Total Machine Weight 8000 kgs
Machine Dimension 5500mm(L) x 3000mm(W) x 2500mm(H) (Including Loading & Unloading Conveyor)
Machine Video
Addon Features
  • Offline Registration.
  • PLC Based Ink Transfer System.
  • Maintenance Free Ink Distribution System.
  • Multi Speed Gearbox with Neutral Position.

  • Common Features
  • Zeromax Drive for auto ink control.
  • Auto Loading.
  • Flame treatment with auto ignition.
  • 360 degree printing with precise registration & automatic orientation.
  • Instantaneous UV drying.
  • Auto ejection with exit conveyor.
  • Lower ink consumption.
  • Less floor space.
  • Suitable for conical & cylindrical container. (Wide Mouth)
  • AC motor with variable AC frequency inverter for variablespeed, accelaration and deceleration control.
  • Anti - Backlash plate cylinder helical gear.
  • Micrometer lateral and radial plate cylinder adjustment.
  • Complete vacuum system with pump that holds container on mandrels at neccessary position.
  • Positive timing through out machine.

  • Optional
  • Magnetic Plate cylinder.
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