Silicon Tube Printer
Silicon Tube Printer in Working
  • Auto Mechanical loading of sealant tubes.
  • Inbuild Flame Treatment with Auto Ignition.
  • 4 Blanket printing with precise registration.
  • UV curving on Mandrel.
  • Auto Ejection on exist conveyor.

  • Optional
  • Zeromax Drive for auto ink control.
  • Magnetic Cylinder from USA
  • Corona System.
  • Offline Registration.
  • PLC Based Ink Transfer System.
  • Maintenance Free Ink Distribution System.
  • Specifications
    Unit Value
    Min. & Max. Dia. 30mm x 60mm
    Min. & Max. Height 80mm x 220mm
    Max Print Area 190mm (L) x 210mm (W)
    Mode of Feeding Automatic
    Machine Speed 40-50 cycles/minute
    Number of colors 4/6/8
    Max. Impression 2500 / 3000 tubes per hour
    Total power compsumption 9 Kilowatts
    Product Samples