Rotary Cap Printer
Rotary Cap Printer
  • Auto mechanical loading & unloading of cap on exit conveyor.
  • Flame treatment with auto ignition.
  • Instantaneous UV drying.
  • Online UV varnish unit for overcoat.
  • Individual & independent UV control system for printing & varnish.
  • Auto orientation of container.
  • Individual & independent AC motor with variable AC frequency inverter for variable speed for printing machine & varnish unit.
  • Easy to switch over varnish unit if not indeed.
  • Anti-backlash plate cylinder gear.
  • Micrometer lateral and radial plate cylinder adjustment.
  • Positive timing through out machine.
  • 4 blanket system with 8 station mechanical indexer.

  • Optional
  • Magnetic plate cylinder from USA.
  • Zero max drive on each Inking Unit - from USA.
  • Anti static with dust removal.
  • Bowl Feeder/Vertical Feeder.
  • Specifications
    Unit Value
    Min. Dia. & Height Ø 20 mm x 25 mm
    Max. Dia. & Height Ø 60 mm x 100 mm
    Power Consumption 7 kw/three phase
    Pneumatic Pressure @3-4 kg/cm2
    Air Consumption @6m3/hr
    Max. Impression @ 6000/hr
    Rotary Cap Printer in Working

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